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We place an onboard computer at your disposal. You can also receive Internet access with your own mobile device (e.g. a laptop) – this is chargeable.

In many ports there is Wifi in the terminals, cafés or nearby towns which is often offered free of charge.


You can leave franked letters and postcards onboard with the Crew Administration Office and they will then be sent at the earliest opportunity. Please be aware that this only applies to standard letters. You can send packages and parcels yourself on your next trip ashore.

In order to receive post from home, we collaborate with port agents in various ports around the world. The respective addresses are provided to the crew on board. You can always look them up there and pass them on to your loved ones so that they can send you something. It is important here that the content conforms with the import regulations of the respective countries.


You can of course make telephone calls on board. Please bear in mind that all of these telephone calls are handled via satellite and are therefore very expensive. Through this connection you can also accept calls from home in case of emergency.

For normal telephone needs, there are telephone booths in most ports and therefore we recommend you to make calls from there instead. Please bear in mind that telephone calls that you make abroad with your private mobile phone may be quite expensive.

The same is true for sent and received text messages. So make sure you find out from your provider before departure what the costs are along our travel route.

Crew Welfare Comitee

The Crew Welfare Committee is a group within the crew that takes care of the welfare of the entire crew. This also means that they host parties and barbeques, arrange game or movie nights, offer sports and dance classes or organise group excursions.