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The training sessions completed on board count as working time.

When You participate one of the trainings on board, in accordance with Your department head, training time means working time and You do not have to do trainings during Your free time.

Own Promotion Pool

Each crew member has a perspective with us. This is because it is our goal to encourage and build up the crew from their own ranks. Many of our leading crew members on board have been with us for a long time and have taken this path.

CLASS Certificates

Further training and personal development are top priority at sea chefs. For this reason, the Mein Schiff CLASS Guest-centric Philosophy was introduced. This training programme is under constant further development in order to strengthen the motivation of the crew and thereby increase guest satisfaction too.

The CLASS Certificates should prepare you as a new staff member to meet standards. They are carried out as continuous training for crew members, regardless of how long they have already been on board or have been a part of the company.

CLASS stands for:

  • Care
  • Listen
  • Act
  • Smile
  • Surprise

Training offered:

  • Safety Training
  • Security and Environment Training
  • Interpersonal Skills Training
  • Professional Skills Training


Interpersonal Skills Training

Subject areas, include, for example:

  • Body language & Cultural diversity
  • Communication Skills
  • Serving Excellence
  • Attitude & Behaviour
  • Teamwork
  • Complaint Handling
  • Code of Conduct
  • Uniform & Grooming
  • Mein Schiff  Product Training


Professional Skills Training

Possible training:

  • On-the Job Training
  • "learning by doing" method:

In "learning by doing", the department heads or superior demonstrates the procedure and then observes the staff during implementation.

  • Theoretical Training

Mixture between lessons in the classroom and practical exercises

  • Training sessions offered to the crew of the following departments:
    • Housekeeping
    • Bar
    • Galley/Kitchen
    • Excursions/Trips
    • SPA
    • Restaurant
    • Administration
Cross Training

Crew members have the opportunity to get a taste of other departments too. In this way, they broaden their knowledge and skills, leading to greater efficiency, a higher quality of service and, above all, better understanding between the individual departments.

Employee of the Month

You may be nominated by Your department head, if you present a particularly good job at the end of the month. The winner receives a certificate and a prize at an official event.


German CLASS Berlitz

In cooperation with Berlitz language schools, sea chefs offers German lessons at different levels for non-German speaking crew members. The aim is to promote crew members and thereby qualify them for higher positions on board.

Junior Management Trainee Program

Our trainee programme is aimed at internal and external candidates, and brings together the leaders of tomorrow.

Initially for two months, the trainees are introduced into their new area of responsibility through very intensive on-the-job training.

In the following four months, the trainees already work in their new position. During the programme, the trainees already enjoy their first privileges, such as being fitted with an officer's uniform and receiving an appropriate salary. Thanks to a guaranteed affiliation contract, successful trainees can continue their career without interruption after the training programme is completed.

The technical content is planned by sea chefs Human Resources.

Seniority Crew Contract

This contract is a chance to obtain a 18-month contract.

For this, you need a recommendation from your department head in the hotel area. He will give this to the human resources manager after you have completed a full contract with a positive evaluation.